B.I.G. Services


Business planning

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your current business and the U.S. market of your interest.  A customized business plan will ensure a successful and efficient launch of your new U.S. company.

Operation Support

We will support you throughout all aspects of your company’s business operations including registration, organization management, product management, supply chain and risk management.

Development and Sales

We will help your company create long-term value by developing and recognizing business opportunities such as strategic partnership acquisition and market development both in the U.S. and abroad.


U.S. Market Analysis and Strategy

We will analyze the new market for your product and/or service and come up with the most suitable marketing strategy including product, price, distribution, and promotion in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the U.S.

Brand Development

We will help you build your unique brand image to make your company stand out from competitors in the U.S. and build loyalty among customers.

Integrated Marketing Services

We will design and implement integrated marketing plans including digital marketing, direct marketing, sales & customer service and promotion campaigns in order to reach and convert target audience in various channels.

Marketing services are provided by our sister company inSegment, Inc.

Immigration Services

Immigration Planning

Our business immigration attorneys will analyze your situation and develop a comprehensive immigration plan in line with your personal and financial needs.

Visa Documents Preparation

All the necessary initial and later-stage business immigration application related paperwork will be assembled, proofed, and verified prior to submission to the USCIS.

Green Card Application

The team will prepare all the required documentation and supporting evidence for a successful Green Card application approval process.


Housing & Children Education

Our team will assist you and your family in choosing the best location for your new home and provide you with guidance in choosing the right education for your children.

Cultural Integration & Medical Needs

Various aide will be readily available to ensure a smooth transition for you and your family into US culture as well as assist you with applying and receiving the most appropriate medical care.

Foreign Language Support

One of the greatest fears is the unknown when it comes to foreign business and personal life. B.I.G. will help you get the qualified translation and interpretation services throughout the process.